The effects of global warming

its amazing how so much damage can be done by pollution

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Sophia how to make a letterbox

Sophia how to make a letterbox

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How To Make A Letter Box

Materials and Equipment:

Power screw diver, hammer, numbers, tape measure, screws, glue, knob, saw, square pencil, dowels, safety goggles, dust mask, ear muffs, ruler, sand block, ply wood.


1-Measure 200mm and mark it with a pencil.
2-Measure and mark seven more pieces.
3-Rule the ply wood to make the sides.
4-Cut pieces one at a time with a saw.
5-Sand the edges with the sand block.
6-Screw drive holes to label where to put your screws.
7-Label your parts of wood or the sides, bottom and your door.
8-Put sides to the bottom/base.
9-Put back on after the sides are on.
10-Hammer on the door.
11-Screw the bottom section of the roof
12-Screw the top section of the roof together.
13-Screw the top section of the roof to the bottom section.
14-Put the door knob on.

Then you can paint your letter box and put your numbers on.

How to Make A Letterbox By Riley T

Equipment-Power Screwdriver,Tape Measure,Saw,Hammer,Square Pencil,Number,Screws,Knob,Glue,Dowels, Safety Goggles,Dust Mask,Ear Muffs.


1-Measure the plywood 200mm.
2-Mark another 200mm.
3-Rule down the plywood where you marked 200mm with a ruler.


4-Cut the lines you ruled with a saw and also wear your dust mask.
5-Sand along the edges of the wood with a sander.
6-Drill holes along the top with a screwdriver.


7-Label what part that piece of wood is.
8-Screw the left and right onto the base with a screwdriver.
9-Screw the back onto the base.
10-Hammer the dowel in the side of both left and right sides.
11-Screw the bottom of the roof on top of the letterbox.
12-Screw the Triangular roof on top with a Screwdriver.
13-Hammer the door on the letterbox and hammer the dowels into it.
14-Screw the knob on and put the number on but if you want to paint it do it before you put the knob on.



How to make a Letterbox!

How To Make Letter Box!
Equipment:Power Screwdriver,Tape Measure,Saw,Hammer,Square Pencil,Number,Screws,Knob,Glue,Dowels,Safety Goggle,Dust Mask,Ear Muffs


1.Measure the plywood to 200mm.
2.Mark another 3 200mm lines.
3. Rule a straight line with a ruler where the lines are.
4.Cut down the lines with a saw and remember safety comes first so wear a dust mask!
5.Sand the edges with sandpaper.
6.Drill holes along the Top.
7.Label the parts with a square pencil.
8.Attach the sides to the base of the letterbox.
9.Screw them together with the screwdriver and use the screws.
10.Screw the back on the letterbox.
11.Put the dowel through the side with the hammer on front.

12.Screw the roof on.
13.Place the triangular roof on top and nail it with a hammer.
14.Put knob on but if you want to paint do it before you put the knob on.


How to make letter box

How to make a letter box
Tape measure
Power screw driver
Dust mask
Sand paper
Measure the wood to 200ml
Measure it on every side and mark it withe a pencil
Use a ruler to draw a straight line
Cut with a saw where the line is
Use sand paper to sand out the wood
Drill holes on to the plat of wood
Label all the wood you’ve cut with the saw
Connect the right piece on to the bottom plat of wood
Connect the wood on the other piece of wood with a power nail driver
Put all the pieces of wood on
Nail all the wood together except the door piece with the power nail driller
Put two nails on the top right and left corners to put the door piece on
Put the big piece on the top
Nail it on
Put the last pieces together with the power nail driver
Put it on and nail it
Put two nobs on the back


How to make a letter box by jenna

How to make a letter box by Jenna
-tape measure
-sanding block
-power screwdriver
-numbers for letter box
-squared pencil
-save goggles
-dust mask
-ear plugs
1-first mark on the wood 200mm each time 4.
2-rule a straight line from each mark.
3-saw the line whee you marked
4-sand the the side that is ralf
5-then cut the rest out
6-then put the rear of the side on and then it would look like a letter box
7-screw on the nails
8-hammer then dowl into the sides of the door
9-screw the roof on
10-put the nob on the door now you can open it


How to make a letter box Sophia

Procedure – how to make a letter box


~Power screw driver
~Plastic numbers (if wanted)
~Tape measure
~Square pencil
~Ply wood
~Safety googles
~Ear muffs
~Dust mask
~Sandy block


Measure 200mm’s of your ply wood with tape measure and mark with pencil.
Mark 200mm’s for the rest of the wood with pencil.
Rule a line down the mark you made with a ruler.
Cut down all lines of your measurement one at a time using saw and wearing your dust mask.
Sand out all all the edges that’s just been cut of wood using the sandy block.
Screw holes for screws in each corner of wood with the power screw driver.
Label all different parts of wood with pencil. (Bottom, back, left, right, door.)
Attach sides to bottom wood.
Screw sides on with power screw driver.
Place back of letter box on the back.
Screw on back of letter box.
Put the dowse in hole with hammer for the door.
Put bottom of the roof on top of letter box.
Screw the bottom of the letter box on.
Place roof on top of bottom of the roof.
Screw the roof on.
Hammer in nails for roof to stay in place.
Screw knob on door of letter box.
Glue your number on letter box if you wish.

How to make a letter box by Georgina

How to make a
letter box??
~power screw driver
~tape measure
~dust mask
~numbers if you won’t
~ply wood
~sand paper
~ear muff

~ply wood

Step1: measure wood 200mm.
Step2: make another lines 200mm.
Step3: maker with a pencil.
Step4:maker another 200mm.
Step5: rule the makers with a rule.
Step6: cut the lines with a sawed cut 8 pieces but wear a dust mask.
Step7: use the sand paper to rub on the wood.
Step8: use the power screw driver to make holes in the ply wood.
Step9: places all the pieces on the table and right the names on the woods.
Step10: places one of the side and the bottom and places the together.
Step11: screw the side and bottom together.
Step12: drew the screw in.
Step13: screw the other side on.
Step14: put all the sides on but not the top.
Step15: places the top on but don’t do anything yet.
Step16: now screw the top on.
Step17: make the top look like a triangle
Step18: hammer then nails in.
Step19: use the power screw driver to screw the knob for the handler.

How to make a letterbox Jess. W

How to make a letter box
Materials & element
-power drill
-tap measure
-square pencil
-sanding block
-ply wood
-dust marks
-ear muffs

1.Measure 200mm and mark with pencil

2.Mark another 200mm

3.Rule a line down from the 200mm

4.Cut out the eight pieces

5.Sand the edges

6.Dill the holes

7.Label the different parts

8.Place the right and left side on the base

9.Place the back on

10.Put the screws in

11.Put the front on and hammer the knobs in the sides

12.Put the roof on

13. Rill the roof on

14.Drill to sides together and make it like a upside down v

15.Place it on top of the roof and hammer it on

Then your done